Foredom C.FCT-1/C.FCT-2 Foot Controls

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Part No.   134.326
Weight   2 lbs
Manufacturer   Foredom
Dimensions   4-1/2" x 7" x 2-1/2".

Foredom C. FCT-1 Foot Control in 115V or Foredom C.FCT-2 Foot Control in 230V



Choose from 2 voltages:

  • 134.326  Foredom C.FCT-1 115V
  • 134.326-230V Foredom C.FCT-2 230V




Foredom makes a top quality foot operated speed control with a distinctive wide profile that makes it easy to find beneath your bench.  The Foredom  C. FCT Foot Control is made with a tough high-impact plastic housing and has non-skid pads on the bottom so it doesn't move while in use. The C.FCT provides smooth control throughout the entire speed range. 



For use on almost every Foredom Flexshaft motor that have ever been made. 



Works on discontinued Foredom Motors: CC, MM, DD, EE, MMG, GG, S, SM, SB, 1/8HP SR, SRM, SRB, L, LM, LB, JJ, F, and K.  Will also work on just about any other flexshaft brand motor that can plug into it's standard 3 prong plug including Pfingts, OttoFlex, and Buffalo Dental.



The C. FCT-1 (115V) or C.FCT-2 (230V) will not work on the old model R Foredoms, the old model H Foredom, the current model TX and TXH Foredoms and the current model L Foredoms. Both Controls (also called a foot rheostat or speed control) measures 4-1/2" wide x 7" long x 2-3/8" high.  115V model is CSA Listed.


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