Fretz HMR-17 Chasing Hammer

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Part No.   137.199
Weight   0.5 lbs
Manufacturer   Fretz
MPN   HMR-17
Dimensions   9-1/4" L x 2-3/4" W x 1-1/4" D
Face Diameter (right)   12.5x9mm
Face Profile (right)   Rounded
Face Diameter (left)   29x9nn
Face Profile (left)   Round/Flat
Head Length   68mm

Fretz Original Chasing Hammer 1 1/8" (29mm) HMR-17


We are very excited to introduce the Fretz interpretation of this classic jewelry hammer, called the Fretz Original Chasing Hammer, HMR-17. Based on an old engravers chasing hammer in Bill Fretz's personal collection, the Fretz HMR-17 chasing hammer has a highly polished cast stainless steel head with a slightly domed 1-1/8" (29mm) diameter hammer face with the ball pein end measuring 12mm.  The Fretz chasing hammer feels top heavy compared to other chasing hammers on the market, but the extra weight in the head, with a corresponding balance point far up the handle, is to allow the hammer to do the work while striking chasing tools. Since chasing work means extensive hammer time, the Fretz chaising hammer is designed to minimize the physical effort required to perform the work.


The head on the Fretz chasing hammer is cast from 420 stainless steel and then hardened to 50c on the Rockwell scale, but  keep in mind that this is the only hammer in the Fretz collection that is meant to be used against a tool and not directly on metal, meaning that the polished head may become marred during normal use. Bill Fretz says that properly hardened chasing tool (chasing tools that are hardened on the working end-but not the striking end) should show mushrooming on the striking end of the tool during normal use. Marring on the face of this hammer will not affect the intended use of the hammer in any way.


Like all Fretz hammers, the handle of the HMR-17 chasing hammer is made of Paduck, a type of Rosewood that makes one beautiful handle. Only the Fretz chasing hammers have pistol grip handles. 


As with any hammer you use, eye protection is required.


The Heads


Fretz 420 Stainless Steel Heads. Fretz casts the hammer heads in 420 stainless steel and then hardened to 50Rc.


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No ratings yet June 19, 2013
By Doug Patston | Total Reviews: 3
absolutelt beautiful! A piece of sculpture. A pleasure to see, no less use
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3 of 3 found this review helpful
June 19, 2013
By Leigh Abernathy | Total Reviews: 1
This has become my favorite hammer. Beautiful, well-made, and it's perfectly weighted. A delight to use! I also love that the faces on the Fretz hammers are ready to use--no resurfacing or polishing is needed. And, they also hold up very well under ha
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