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Fretz Hammers

  • Fretz Hammer Sets

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  • Fretz Jewelers Hammers

    The original Fretz hammers, Fretz Jewelers Hammers were the first Fretz hammers to come to market.  These are the best selling line of Fretz hammers on the market.  Beware of Imitations-Insist on genuine Fretz hammers!
  • Fretz Precisionsmith Hammers

    Fretz Precisionsmith hammers have smaller heads and lighter handles than the original Fretz Jewelers hammers.  Use these hammers for thinner materials and delicate work.
  • Fretz Chasing and Goldsmithing Hammers

    Fretz Chasing Hammers now total 5 different types, each designed for a particular style of chasing and embossing.  Fretz also makes several Goldsmithing hammers, once again for different styles and type of work.
  • Fretz Speciality Hammers

    Fretz makes a wide variety of custom hammers for America's biggest names in Jewelery making including the Otto Frei-Todd Reed Goldsmithing hammer, the Alan Revere Chasing and Goldsmithing hammers and the Michael Good Anticlastic hammers
  • Fretz Silversmithing Hammers

    Fretz Silversmithing Hammers are larger than Fretz Jewelers Hammers sized for traditional silversmithing work. These hammers are used for moving thicker metal more rapidly and easily than would be possible with the original Fretz Jewelers hammers.
  • Fretz Large 300 Series Hammers

    Fretz 300 Series Hammers are big and heavy hammers for moving big and heavy metal.  Think Sculptural size work here.  Let the hammer do the work, not the muscles in your arm.
  • Fretz Nylon Ended Hammers

    These nylon (also called plastic) mallets are used to flatten and shape metal without leaving marks. These economical hammers have the same polished rosewood handles as the rest of the Fretz hammer line, making these the most comfortable mallet you will ever own.
  • Fretz Anvils

    Fretz Anvils are very useful for the craftsman who wish to form and dome metal on their workbench without needing a vice.