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Fretz Hammers

  • Fretz Hammer Sets

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  • Fretz Chasing Hammers

    These chasing hammers have Paduck pistol griped handles, and highly polished stainless steel cast heads. The head on the Fretz chasing hammer is hardened to 50Rc on the Rockwell scale, but keep in mind that the Fretz chasing hammers are the only hammers in the Fretz collection that are meant to be used against a tool and not directly on metal, meaning that the polished head may become marred during normal use.
  • Fretz Collectors Edition Mini Hammers

    The Fretz family has taken there beautiful hammers and made a special production run called the "Collectors Edition". The stainless steel heads are fully polished and only the finest hardwood handles are used. These hammers are truly works of art, but feel free to pound away with them to your hearts content. The Collectors Edition is available in 13 different hammer styles.
  • Fretz Nylon Ended Hammers

    These nylon (also called plastic) mallets are used to flatten and shape metal without leaving marks. These economical hammers have the same polished rosewood handles as the rest of the Fretz hammer line, making these the most comfortable mallet you will ever own.
  • Fretz Anvils

    Fretz Anvils are very useful for the craftsman who wish to form and dome metal on their workbench without needing a vice.