Fretz Master Stake Set

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Part No.   112.610
Weight   10 lbs
Manufacturer   Fretz

Fretz Master Stake Set


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The Fretz Master Stake Set includes the most popular Fretz miniature stakes, plus the large stake rack and two stake holder. This is Fretz Stake Set Number 8.



Fretz miniature stakes are great for making bezel settings for hard to fit fancy or regular shaped stones. You can also use Fretz miniature stakes for forming rings or use them like regular stakes for making small scale gold and silversmithing projects that would be impossible to make otherwise Fretz miniature stakes are made of hardened 420 stainless steel and have highly polished surfaces You can easily customize the stakes with files and abrasive paper. Like all Fretz products Fretz miniature stakes are beautifully made and a joy to have in your workshop.



The Fretz Master Stake Set DOES NOT contain the following new Fretz Stakes;  These stakes have been added to the Fretz line after the introduction of the Master Set:



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Kit Includes

112.600 - Fretz Miniature Stake Holder H-1 (x2)
112.601 - Fretz Wood Vise Block VB-1
112.611 - Fretz Flat Bezel Sharp Edge Stake B-1
112.612 - Fretz Low Dome Bezel Sharp Edge Stake B-2
112.613 - Fretz High Dome Bezel Sharp Edge Stake B-3
112.614 - Fretz Trillion Undercut Bezel Sharp Edge Stake B-4
112.615 - Fretz Flat Bezel Rolled Edge Stake B-5
112.616 - Fretz Dome Bezel Rolled Edge Stake B-6
112.620 - Fretz Standard Raising Stake R-1
112.622 - Fretz Rounded Tapered Raising Stake R-2
112.624 - Fretz Rounded Raising Stake R-3
112.635D - Fretz Wood Micro Stake Holder Rack S-2
112.635A - Three Fretz Super-Mini Mushroom Forming Stakes A-1-2-3
112.635B - Fretz Micro Mandrel Set of Four AT-1,2,3 & 5
112.635C - Fretz Micro Stake/Mandrel Holder H-2
112.636 - Fretz Wood 12" x 5" Stake Holder Rack S-3
112.637 - Fretz Beak Stake F-1
112.638 - Fretz Double Convex Stake F-2
112.639 - Fretz Convex/Concave Stake F-9
112.640 - Fretz Shell Stake F-6
112.641 - Fretz Thin Shell Stake F-7
112.642 - Fretz Horn Stake F-8
112.643 - Fretz Doming Stake F-3
112.651 - Fretz Mushroom Flat Stake 14mm M-1
112.652 - Fretz Mushroom Low Dome Stake 14mm Round M-2
112.653 - Fretz Mushroom High Dome Stake 14mm Round M-3
112.654 - Fretz Mushrooom Flat rolled Edge Stake 10mm Round M-4
112.655 - Fretz Mushroom Low Dome Stake 10mm Round M-5
112.656 - Fretz Mushroom High Dome Stake 10mm Round M-6
112.657 - Fretz Mushroom Flat Rolled Edge Stake 18mm Round M-7
112.658 - Fretz Mushroom Low Dome Stake 18mm Round M-8
112.659 - Fretz Mushroom High Dome Stake 18mm Round M-9

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