German Red Pitch -2 Kilo (4.4 Lbs.) Tub

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Part No.   125.389
Weight   5 lbs

German Red Pitch -2 Kilo (4.4 pound) Tub


Imported from Germany, Also Called German Brown Pitch-The Best Selling Pitch in the World


Imported from Germany, this brown colored German pitch (also called red German pitch) is a mixture of natural resin, powdered brick and tallow. Customers who have used this pitch have called it a far superior product as it a great combination of hardness and melting temperature. This is the pitch that is supplied with every pitch bowl kit we sell. Sold in a 2-kilo (4.4 pound) tub.  The #1 selling Pitch in the USA.


To use, place the pitch in a suitable pitch bowl and heat in an 250 to 300 degree F oven.  To find out more about using pitch and the art of chasing, you can read about it in these books:  Moving Metal by Adolph Steines  and  Chasing and Repousse' by Nancy Megan Cogwin.  


Here is a great posting on using pitch and pitch bowls from Brian Meek.


And another posting from Charles Lewton-Brain on pitch in general



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