Gold Foil For Keum-Boo 23.5 K (1) 80mm x 80mm Sheet


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Part No.   143.485
Weight   0.1 lbs
Dimensions   3.14" x 3.14" (80mm x 80mm)

Gold Foil For Keum-Boo 23.5 K (1) 80mm x 80mm Sheet

Gold foil is thicker than gold leaf, and is used for Keum-boo.  Most instructors recommend using an agate burnisher to apply gold foil.  This is one sheet of 23.5K gold foil measuring 80mm (3.15") by 80mm (3.15") square.

This Gold Foil is approximately 2.5 micron thick approximately 25 times as thick as the thinner Gold Leaf, which is estimated to be 0.1 micron thick.  The thickness of Gold Foil can vary and is practically impossible to measure without expensive scientific measuring equipment. Both Gold Foil and the thinner Gold Leaf can vary in thickness.

Both products are made by hammering gold in a very labor intensive method. 


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