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Graduate Jeweler Program

The list below shows the tools used for the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts class - GRADUATE JEWELER PROGRAM.


Please note that tools marked Revere REQUIRED are tools that you will need to bring to class to use in the class. Tools marked Revere RENT-DEPO are used in the class but can be rented from the Revere Academy for a $100.00 deposit if you do not already own them or if you do not wish to purchase them at this time. Tools marked Revere OPTIONAL may come in handy when taking the class but are not required. 

  • Part Number: 116.258MAIN

    Synthetic Sable Flux Brush

  • Part Number: 118.062MAIN

    2" Polished Steel Hand Held Burnishers

  • Part Number: 129.345

    3M Tour Guard III Protective Eyewear-Safety Glasses

  • Part Number: 129.523

    Bausch & Lomb Magna Visor with 3 Lenses

  • Part Number: 135.013

    Degree Gauge-0.10MM-10.00MM

  • Part Number: 135.070

    Machinist Square 70mm X 50mm (2 Inch)

  • Part Number: 135.185

    6 Inch (150mm) Electronic Digital Caliper

  • Part Number: 136.113MAIN

    Glardon-Vallorbe LO0403-WS Onglette Gravers-Carbon Steel

  • Part Number: 136.136MAIN

    Glardon-Vallorbe LO0401-WS Flat Gravers-Carbon Steel

  • Part Number: 136.180MAIN

    Glardon-Vallorbe LO0402-WS Round Gravers-Carbon Steel

  • Part Number: 136.194MAIN

    Glardon-Vallorbe LO0501-WS Square Gravers-Carbon Steel

  • Part Number: 137.858

    Handles-Graver-Wood-1/2 Head Short

  • Part Number: 137.874


  • Part Number: 143.078MAIN

    Steel Ring Mandrels USA sizes 1 To 16-Made in the USA

  • Part Number: 143.128

    Mandrel with 3/32" Diameter Shank-Reinforced Head-Nickel Pla

  • Part Number: B118.498MAIN

    Busch Fig. 156C Hart 90 Degree Burs .70mm-3.70mm

  • Part Number: 162.140

    Jewelry Illustration Book By Dominique Audette

  • Part Number: 157.0751

    Quality # 1 Stainless Steel Tweezers

  • Part Number: 146.066

    Otto Frei 4-1/2" Mirror Polished Semi Flush Side Cutters-Chr

  • Part Number: 154.152MAIN

    Natural Charcoal Blocks

  • Part Number: 154.200MAIN

    Solderite Soldering Board - Soft Compound

  • Part Number: 157.675MAIN

    Locking Stainless Steel Flat Black Finish Diamond Tweezers

  • Part Number: 162.121

    Ring Repair [Paperback] by Alan Revere

  • Part Number: 162.123

    Setting Repair: Professional Jewelry Repair Series [Paperback] by Alan Revere

  • Part Number: 800-555

    14K Gold Plumb Solder Kit

  • Part Number: 104.556

    GRS Bench Pin Kit

  • Part Number: 110.461MAIN

    India Stone Medium Grit

  • Part Number: 121.851MAIN

    Wolf's Precision Wax Carvers

  • Part Number: 129.619MAIN

    Single Lens Watchmaker's Loupe

  • Part Number: 131.383

    Glardon-Vallorbe Swiss Precision Files-LP1540-6 Vulcrylic Wax File 6 Inch

Results 1-30 of 83123