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  • Peddiman Hammers

    Top quality German made PEDDIMAN hammers by Peddinghaus have hardened polished surfaces. Peddiman hammers are forged, not cast. Whether used for forming, grooving, embossing, raising, or riveting, you'll be glad you chose Peddiman.
    - Two round faces; one gently curved, one flat. Used to smooth and harden metal.
    - Two rectangular faces; each longer than it is wide. Used to create a seamless form through compression with contraction without thinning the metal.
    FORMING HAMMERS - A heavy hammer with a slightly rounded face. Used to move heavy gauge metal while retaining most of the weight of the original metal.
    EMBOSSING HAMMERS - Two round high domed face. Embossing is also known as repousse; the metal is worked from the back to create three dimensional forms.