• Foredom Heavy Duty "H" Sheaths, Shafts & Handpieces

    Foredom offers a heavy duty "square drive" flex shaft and sheath combination that can fit onto any SR, TX or L series motor. The heavy duty shaft and sheath uses special heavy duty handpieces, called H handpieces.  Square drive H series handpieces have positive sheath locking mechanisms (locking rings). This system is favored by people who use larger rotary accessories.  They are ideal for large scale woodcarving and sculpting jobs with carbide or steel burs and large mounted grinding stones.

  • Foredom Euro Style Slip Joint Products

    The European standard for the way handpieces connect to a flexible shaft differs from the American standard.  The European standard is called a Slip Joint, while the American standard is called a Quick Disconnect or QD. There is no simple way to convert a handpiece from one standard to the other.   

  • Technique Handpiece Parts

    Some But Not All Swiss Made Technique Handpiece parts are interchangeable with the no longer in production Swedish Made Tecno Handpiece, including popular parts like collets. Look for Technique/Tecno in the product descriptions for parts that are interchangeable. Technique parts are listed first, and then Tecno parts. Only some Tecno parts are still available from stock.