LG422 Low Tarnish & Fire Scale Resistant Sterling Silver Round Wire

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$0.85 to $22.05

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Manufactured by LeachGarner, the leading mill house in the United States, this product is produced to meet the recent demand in the marketplace for sterling silver alloys that resist fire scale and also resist tarnishing so product cleans up quickly and remains bright and shiny longer than traditional sterling silver alloy goods. The LeachGarner LG422 low tarnish and fire scale resistant Sterling Silver is also brighter and harder than traditional Sterling Silver. You can use LeachGarner LG422 low tarnish and fire scale resistant sterling silver with both traditional silver and argentium silver solders.

Choose from 3 amount and 4 gauges:

1 Ounce

    Part No.     Gauge

  • 844LG-16  16 gauge (1.30mm-.051" thick, approximately 7.5 feet long)
  • 844LG-18  18 gauge (1.00mm-.040" thick, approximately 12 feet long)
  • 844LG-20  20 gauge (0.80mm-.032" thick, approximately 19 feet long)
  • 844LG-22  22 gauge (0.65mm-.025" thick, approximately 30 feet long)

1/2 Ounce

    Part No.       Gauge

  • 844LG-16.5  16 gauge (1.30mm-.051" thick, approximately 3.75 feet long)
  • 844LG-18.5  18 gauge (1.00mm-.040" thick, approximately 6 feet long)
  •  844LG-20.5  20 gauge (0.80mm-.032" thick, approximately 9.5 feet long)
  •  844LG-22.5  22 gauge (0.65mm-.025" thick, approximately 15 feet long)

12" long

    Part No.     Gauge

  • 844LG-16  16 gauge (1.30mm-.051" thick)
  • 844LG-18  18 gauge (1.00mm-.040" thick)
  • 844LG-20  20 gauge (0.80mm-.032" thick)
  • 844LG-22  22 gauge (0.65mm-.025" thick)

Working Characteristics:

  • Stamping-Drawing-Spinning-Rolling: Excellent
  • Enameling: Poor
  • Casting: Excellent

Other Features:

  • Density: 5.36 troy ounces/in3
  • Solidus: 1504oF (818oC)
  • Liquidus: 1655oF (902oC)
  • Annealing: The temperature range is 100oF (538oC) to 1200oF (649oC) with a dwell time ranging from 30 to 60 minutes at temperature depending on size of furnace load.
  • Brazing: Material can be torch or furnace brazed.  Best results are obtained when using solders with a flow point below 1350oF (732oC)
  • Age Hardening: LG422 may be age hardened by annealing at 1000-1200oF (538-649oC) for 30-60 minutes followed by a water quench.  Age at 575-650oF (300-350oC) for 45-60 minutes.

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