Pepe 8" Precision Bench Shear

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Pepe 8" Precision Bench Shear-Cuts 1.6mm thick sheet or 2.6mm round wire stock of mild steel with minimal distortion

This is the newest version of the Pepe bench shear, redesigned to make it the finest bench shear on the market.  The biggest improvement is the locking mechanism, that allows the user to secure the cutting piece so cuts can be made with confidence.  Also added is a angle cut feature usually found on large industrial sized shears.  The Angle cut has a maximum rating of 0.5mm thick mild steel and 2.6mm round wire stock. The angle cut feature is a 90o template with a separate blade located on the lower part of the shear underneath the cutting table opposite of the handle.  It is not part of the main cutting blade. 

If you are looking for a shear for just cutting flat sheet metal, consider a guillotine shear.  Guillotine shears will leave both sides of a piece of sheet metal flat, while the less expensive bench shears, because of their more scissor like action, can leave one side of your sheet metal "curled" requiring straightening before further cutting. The locking mechanism found on the Pepe bench shears helps to keep sheet metal cuts straight and true, but that is only one one side of the cut.  Consider buying a Pepe bench shear for cutting a wide variety of materials, including sheet metal up to 1.6mm and round wire stock up to 2.6mm in diameter. The well equipped shop will have both a guillotine shear and a bench shear.

Unit features:

  • A refined handle mechanism designed to cut metals with a minimum of force
  • Precision machined construction
  • Four-sided reversible blades, made of high carbon steel, perfectly tempered for a long life and easy to adjust or reverse

Please note:  It is recommended that this bench shear be securely bolted to a sturdy surface.

Bench Space Requirements: 3-1/2" x 13-1/2".  Overall dimensions are 9-1/2" x 13-1/2"

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