Pitch Bowl Kit with 8" x 4" Deep Bowl, German Pitch and Pitch Pad

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Part No.   125.473
Weight   14 lbs
Manufacturer   Otto Frei

Pitch Bowl Kit With Bowl, Pad, & 2.2 Kilo Tub of German Red/Brown Pitch


This kit contains the popular 8" x 4" deep* cast iron pitch bowl, a proper sized rubber pitch bowl pad, and a 2-kilo bar of the finest quality German pitch.  Please note, that the 2 kilo (4.4LBS) pitch will not fill this pitch bowl completely-no worries, just fill the bottom of the pitch bowl with inexpensive filler like a small amount of ready-mix concrete. Before the concrete sets, you can give the pitch something to hold onto by making a few depressions in the concrete with your fingertips. 


*(Acutual Measurements: Outside Diameter 7-7/8" x 3-7/8" Inside Diameter 7-3/8" x 3-1/2")



Of course you can also purchase an additional 2 kilo tub of pitch,  

Kit contains:

  • 125.403 Pitch Bowl
  • 125.458 Pad for 8" Pitch Bowls
  • 125.389 4.4 lbs (2 kilos) tub of German Red/Brown Pitch


*These two pitch bowl pads together work as a base for the 8" x 4" pitch bowl


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