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Pliers and Cutters

  • Otto Frei Professional Quality German Made Jewelers Pliers

    You can spend more for professional quality jewelers pliers, but you won't find a better quality jewelry plier anywhere.

    Professional Quality Otto Frei jewelers pliers and cutters are handmade by a small family run cottage factory in Germany. First they are drop forged from special alloyed steel then carefully assembled and ground, taking great care to adjust the box joints for smooth action and to match the jaws exactly. Next they are heat treated to specially hardened them up. Finally they are mirrored polished to perfection. At every step of production the pliers and cutters are meticulously inspected to make sure that only the finest possible product will be stamped with the Otto Frei name.

  • Lindstrom Pliers and Cutters


    Recognized by jewelers, craftspeople and industry worldwide, Lindstrom Pliers and Cutters are unsurpassed in quality materials, design and performance.  Otto Frei is proud to be a distributor of Lindstrom Tools for jewelry arts and industrial use.

  • Revere Pliers

    Introducing an exceptional line of quality pliers for the discriminating professional inspired and designed by Alan Revere, a master goldsmith and founder and director of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. Alan’s passion for unquestionable quality and the highest standards of workmanship result in a superior line of German crafted tools made to meet his specifications.



  • Wubbers

    Wubbers tools are unsurpassed in their ability to meet the needs of jewelry makers. Suited for the novice and professional alike, Wubbers are the pliers that work for you. Wubbers are guaranteed to increase your productivity as well as the quality of your finished product.


    Wubbers are easy on your hands and easy on your metal. They are engineered for precision and offer the ultimate experience in comfort and control. Each pair is meticulously hand finished to minimize marring and to ensure that Wubbers’ quality is incomparable. Put the fun into your jewelry making with Wubbers!