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Quatro Ductless Fume Hoods & Desktop Fume Hoods

No venting necessary!    Quatro's Ductless Fume Hoods are the perfect solution for anyone that has problems with fumes from wax burnout or plating. Ductless Hoods filter out these odiferous fumes without having to vent outside. Fumes that enter the hoods are filtered clean with a 4 stage filtering system that removes 99.9% of all odors and fumes, making venting unnecessary. Quatro Ductless Fume Hoods are available two ways: For burnout fumes or for Rhodium/Plating fumes. The hoods measure 26" High by 28" wide by 18" deep, have a shipping weight of 60 lbs, and come in standard 115V/60C.

  • Part Number: 147.624

    Quatro Ductless Burnout Fume Hood

  • Part Number: 147.626

    Quatro Ductless Rhodium Fume Hood

  • Part Number: 147.609

    Quatro Desktop Plating Fume Hood

  • Part Number: 147.626C

    Quatro FO22 Hepa Filter

  • Part Number: 147.625

    Quatro F007 Dust & Particulate Filter

  • Part Number: 147.624A

    Quatro F033-GPC 2nd Stage Complete Replacement Filter for Fu

  • Part Number: 147.624B

    Quatro F033-APC 3rd Stage Complete Replacement Filter for Qu

  • Part Number: 147.626AB

    Quatro F033-BPC 3rd Stage Complete Replacement Filter for Rh

  • Part Number: 147.624D

    Quatro NC-APC Fume Hood Filter Refill Material

  • Part Number: 147.633

    Quatro mc2 Controller

  • Part Number: 147.636

    On/Off Foot Pedal for all Quatros