14KY, 14KW, 18KY, 18KW & Platinum Round High Tapered Bezel with Seat Die Struck

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Metal Types:

  • Platinum, 18K Yellow, 18K White, 14K Yellow, 14K White


Choose from 11 round stone sizes:

  • .10ct (3.0mm). Setting measures 4.4mm High 4.2mm Top Width 2.5mm Bottom Width
  • .15ct (3.5mm). Setting measures 4.5mm High 4.2mm Top Width 2.6mm Bottom Width
  • .25ct (4.0mm). Setting measures 4.7mm High 4.5mm Top Width 2.8mm Bottom Width
  • .33ct (4.5mm). Setting measures 4.7mm High 5.1mm Top Width 3.3mm Bottom Width
  • .50ct (5.0mm). Setting measures 4.7mm High 5.7mm Top Width 4.0mm Bottom Width
  • .65ct (5.5mm). Setting measures 5.0mm High 6.2mm Top Width 4.2mm Bottom Width
  • .75ct (6.0mm). Setting measures 5.5mm High 6.7mm Top Width 5.0mm Bottom Width
  • 1.00ct (6.5mm). Setting measures 5.5mm High 7.3mm Top Width 5.4mm Bottom Width
  • 1.25ct (7.0mm). Setting measures 5.6mm High 7.5mm Top Width 5.5mm Bottom Width
  • 1.50ct (7.5mm). Setting measures 5.6mm High 8.0mm Top Width 5.5mm Bottom Width
  • 2.00ct (8.0mm). Setting measures 5.8mm High 8.5mm Top Width 5.6mm Bottom Width  

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