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Part no. 154.829MAIN

Silver Paste Solder

    • Sold in syringe containing silver solder mixed with paste flux. Weighing approximately 10 DWT. (1/2 oz.)

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    Choose from 4 flow points:

    Part No. Flow Points

    • 154.829 Extra Easy (56% Silver)
    • 154.830 Easy (65% Silver)
    • 154.831 Medium (70% Silver)
    • 154.832 Hard (75% Silver)

    Warning Paste Flux Contains Fluorides

    This is one syringe containing approximately 10 Pennyweights (10 DWT-or 1/2 troy ounce) of silver solder mixed with paste flux (Warning Paste Flux Contains Fluorides). This paste solder will extrude from the syringe, making it easy and convenient to use. This paste silver solder is used for hard (torch) soldering (brazing) only.

    The terms Extra Easy-Easy-Medium-Hard are used to describe the relative temperature flow points between one type or more specifically, one brand of hard solder. Extra Easy will have a lower flow point than Easy, which will have a lower flow point than Medium, which will have a lower flow point than Hard. This labeling system generally holds true for all brands of silver solders, but there are differences between manufactures, so you could find one makers Medium flows at the same time another makers Hard will flow. Generally, the higher the flow point temperature, the higher the silver content of the solder. The higher the silver content of a silver solder, the better the solder will match the color of sterling silver, and theoretically, the stronger the bond.

    What temperature solder should you use? If you are manufacturing, use the highest temperature (Hardest) solder you can so repairs may be made later with lower temperature solders. If you are doing repairs, use the lowest temperature (Extra Easy) solder you can, since you don't know what was used before.

    Here are the flow points and silver content of Otto Frei's Silver Paste Solder:

    • 154.829 1200 F (650oC) Extra Easy (56% Silver)
    • 154.830 1240 F (670oC) Easy (65% Silver)
    • 154.831 1275 F (690oC) Medium (70% Silver)
    • 154.832 1365 F (740oC) Hard (75% Silver)

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