Part no. 163.500

Simplicity Gold Refining Kit

    • Salt Base Gold Refining System
    • Be Sure of Your Sweeps and Scraps
    • Stop Losing Out to Your Refining

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    The Simplicity Refining System

    The Simplicity Refining System is the simplest, safest, least expensive and most advanced refining system in the world.


    The Simplicity Refining System is a proven method to refine gold alloys into pure gold.  Using a battery charger or rectifier (not supplied) scraps are stripped (dissolved into a special salt-water batch).  A special ceramic cell, which acts as a molecular sieve, prevents the metal from plating out of the water.  Powder is added to the water which turns the gold, but not the other metals, back into solid form.  While the pure gold drops to the bottom as small particles, the other metals remain dissolved.  The water is then poured off and the fine gold particles are rinsed, dried and melted. 


    The result is gold of 99.95% purity with losses of metal left dissoved in the waste water of less than 0.1dwt.  If desired, the other metals can be removed from the water by the addition of aluminum foil.


    • Safe
    • No acids, cyanides or toxic chemicals
    • Odorless
    • No smells
    • Refines gold and platinum
    • Automatically dismounts stones from jewelry.
    • 99.95% purity (every time, even your first refining)
    • 100% return, no losses (even when you have no experience)
    • Cost only $624.75 to buy, $1-2 per ounce of scrap gold to run. Usually pays for itself in the first batch.
    • Requires only about 30-45 minutes your time to run
    • Requires about 1 hour per oz. machine time to run
    • Lifetime warranty



    • Dual Capacity: Up to 150 grams and up to 1,000 grams
    • Purity: 99.95% ( 99.99% if refined twice)
    • Speed: Approximately 1 hour for every ounce of metal being refined
    • Minimum Karat: No minimum and no maximum. Karats can be mixed
    • Instructions: Video (DVD) and Written Instructions
    • Size: Approximately 1 cubic foot
    • DC Power Rectifier Required: 25 amperes, 12 volt or Battery charger, 10 amp w/ 50 amp boost



    • Summary of Operating Costs: $1-$2 per ounce of scrap metal to be refined


    Operating Costs (Consumables):

    • 163.506 GC Salt  5 lbs  $24.45
    • 163.507 GC Salt  50 lbs  $196.25
    • 163.504 OdorFree Precipitant 1 lb  $24.45
    • 163.505 OdorFree Precipitant 10 lbs $165.60
    • 163.502 Catalyst  package $14.70
    • 163.503 Catalyst  10 pack $122.60

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