Smith Torches

  • Part Number: 114.003MAIN

    Smith Little Torch Kit with Hose & Tip Sets

  • Part Number: 114.007A

    Smith 23-1014 Little Torch Propane Kit With 1 Tip, Preset Ox

  • Part Number: 114.006AMAIN

    Smith Little Torch Kits With Regulators-No Tanks

  • Part Number: 114.006

    Smith 23-1015P Little Torch Propane Outfit W/5 Tips Oxygen & Propane Regulator, Empty Tanks & Caddy

  • Part Number: 114.005

    Smith 23-1004A Little Torch Complete Oxygen/MC Acetylene Outfit

  • Part Number: 114.203

    Little Torch Magnetic Stand

  • Part Number: 114.031MAIN

    Little Torch Multi Flame Tips 6"

  • Part Number: 114.061

    Little Torch Primo Fire Resistant Flexible Hose Set-8' (96")

  • Part Number: 114.012MAIN

    Little Torch Curved Tips

  • Part Number: 114.032MAIN

    Little Torch Replacement Valves

  • Part Number: 114.017A

    Little Torch 3" Tip Extension

  • Part Number: 114.401

    Smiths Silversmith Acetelyne/Air Torch Kit With Hose, Regula

  • Part Number: 114.400

    Smiths Silversmith Acetylene/Air Torch Kit with B Tank

  • Part Number: 114.405

    Smiths Silversmith Torch Handle Only NE-180A

  • Part Number: 114.407MAIN

    Smiths Silversmith Acetylene Torch Tips

  • Part Number: 114.406

    Smiths Silversmith Hose For Acetylene 12' Long

  • Part Number: 114.395

    Smith WH100 Casting Torch Handle Only

  • Part Number: 114.398

    Smith MW411 Single Flame Recessed Headtube/Tip for Platinum

  • Part Number: 114.394MAIN

    Smith Rosebud Multi Flame 6 Orifice Headtubes/Tips

  • Part Number: 114.393-10MAIN

    Smith WH100 Casting Torch Complete with Smith Oxygen/Acetylene Multi FlameTip

  • Part Number: 114.057MAIN

    Smith Little Torch Hose with Connections 8' Long

  • Part Number: 114.392

    Smith WH100 Casting Torch Complete with MW411 Smith Oxy/PropaneTip