Sterling Silver Round Wire - Half Hard - Sold in 12" Lengths

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Our sterling half hard silver round wire is certified conflict-free material. 100% of the silver used is from North American suppliers and most of it is from USA recycled precious metal suppliers.

Choose from 16 gauges sold in 12" long pre-cut lengths:
    Part No.     Gauge Thickness mm-inch
  • 844-6FT    6 gauge   (4.12 mm-.162" thick)
  • 844-8FT    8 gauge   (3.25 mm-.128" thick)
  • 844-10FT  10 gauge (2.60 mm-.102" thick)
  • 844-12FT  12 gauge (2.06 mm-.081" thick)
  • 844-13FT  13 gauge (1.83 mm-.072" thick)
  • 844-14FT  14 gauge (1.60 mm-.063" thick)
  • 844-16FT  16 gauge (1.30 mm-.051" thick)
  • 844-18FT  18 gauge (1.00 mm-.040" thick)
  • 844-19FT  19 gauge (0.91 mm-.037" thick)
  • 844-20FT  20 gauge (0.80 mm-.032" thick)
  • 844-21FT  21 gauge (0.70mm-.028" thick)
  • 844-22FT  22 gauge (0.65mm-.025" thick)
  • 844-24FT  24 gauge (0.45mm-.020" thick)
  • 844-26FT  26 gauge (0.40mm-.016" thick)
  • 844-28FT  28 gauge (0.30mm-.012" thick)
  • 844-30FT  30 gauge (0.25mm-.010" thick)
Sold in pre-cut 12" Lengths

Half-Hard sterling silver wire is .925 silver and .075 copper.  It is malleable and easy to bend and will maintain shape under stress, making half-hard wire a good choice for making ear wires and other findings.

Dead-Soft silver wire is very malleable and very easy to bend. However, it will not hold a shape under stress. Use dead-soft silver wire for wire wrapping. 

Wire Gauge Size Info:

The higher the number, the thinner the diameter of the wire-18 gauge is thinner than 16 gauge for example.

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