Tapered Spindles - Fits Baldor Tapered Shaft Motors

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Friction Fit BaldorTapered Spindles - Fits Baldor Tapered Shaft Motors


Choose from 2 metals:

  • Brass
  • Steel


Choose from Left Side or Right Side.


The Baldor spindle has an inside diameter that is tapered to fit on the tapered shaft of a Baldor motor. Unlike other polishing motors we know of, Baldor shafts are not straight, but rather have a slight taper. The Baldor spindles are a friction fit-there are no set screws on the Baldor spindle that are used on other spindles to secure spindles on a straight shaft.  They are pushed on the tapered shafts of the Baldor motor, and then lightly tapped with a mallet or a piece of wood to secure.  To remove these spindles, Baldor has a screw off spindle remover inboard of the shaft that when unscrewed will push the tapered spindle off the shaft.


Because the ID is tapered, we do not provide a ID measurement for the Baldor tapered spindle.  The Baldor spindles will only work with Baldor tapered shaft motors.


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