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Registration & Account Questions

Why Do I Have to Register?

As a seller of precious metals in the United States, we are required by law to have basic information about who we do business with including name, address, phone number and email address. We do not share or sell this information with any outside parties - Learn more by visiting our Privacy Policy.

What is Level 1+ Membership?

Level 1+ mmembership is for members of the jewelry industry. Depending on your state this means different things. California customers with a valid resale permit number will receive tax exempt status and wholesale pricing on Precious Metal Findings. Customers located outside of California will get the whole pricing on Precious Metal Findings and just need to provide there business id.

How can I update my email address?

Currently we're unable to allow customers to update there email address online. You can however submit a case or call us and we'd be happy to help!

Products & Search

What Items Qualify for Level 1+ Pricing and Tax Status?

If an item qualifies for level 1+ pricing but you're either not register for level 1+ or not logged in to your approved account you will see this message in the product quick view panel or product detail page:

Note: This item is eligable for Level 1+ pricing, if you have been approved for level 1+ membership you must be logged in to see the correct price.

Is it possible to view more details on the search results & category pages?

We offer three views: Grid (default), Table (mobile optimized), and list. The list view will display the products short description on the search results & category pages. At this time there is no way for you to change the default behavior permentally. While the change will stay for the remainder of your visit it will default back to the grid view during your next visit.

Why are some options grayed out on product pages?

Grayed out options means that praticular combination of options are not avaliable. If an item is out of stock the option will be avaliable but a "out of stock" message will appear


How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping cost are calculate during checkout and require an account. This is to ensure the most acurate shipping for your location. If you don't have an account already please visit our registration page.

When Is My Order Processed and Shipped?

Most Orders are Processed the Business Day We Receive Them.
Most United Parcel Service and FedEx orders placed before 4:00 PM Pacific Time Monday - Friday will ship the same business day we receive them.

USPS (US Postal Service) domestic and international orders ship the following business day.

If you choose USPS (US Postal Service) shipping for an order placed after 4:00 PM on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday the order will ship on the following Tuesday. In the case of a 3 day weekend, that order would ship on the following Wednesday.

We observe the following US National Holidays-New Years Day*, MLK Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July*, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day*.

*If any of these days happen on a weekend we take the same day off that UPS takes.

How Can I Track My Shipment?

When your order ships we will send you an email with a tracking number and a copy of your receipt. You can also find the tracking numbers via your Purchase History in My Account.

How are Duties & Fee's Calculated?

Otto Frei does not calculate the duties and fees you may be charged by your country. Duties and Fee's are constantly in flux and are calculated by your local government. We are not reponsibile for paying them. If you refuse your package when delivered and the package is sent back to us you will be responsible for the return shipping cost.

I have a shipping account with UPS/FedEx can I use it?

Yes you can! Simply choose the shipping option "Ship using my UPS/FedEx Account" during checkout. Than provide your shipping account number in the comments during review. A $2.00 handling fee will be charged.

Why is the only shipping option I see "Freight $$$"?

Otto Frei ships orders that have a single item weight over 150lbs. Online we charge a deposit for the the estimated freight cost for your state. Our shipping specalist will contact you about your shipping needs and provide you the final cost of your shipment.

What does the status "Pending Approval" mean?

Otto Frei reviews all orders when placed for fraud. This process usually takes 1 hour for first time domestic orders and up to 24 hours for first time international customers.

Returns & Exchanges

What Can I Return?

If you are not satisfied with one of our products we will accept it back within 30 days of purchase. When returning a product, you can request an identical replacement item, exchange the product for another product, or request a refund.

Return Shipping Cost?

Return shipping is FREE with a valid RMA #. We will email you a electronic return label that you can print and tape to your package.

When Will I get my refund?

Usually in about 2-3 weeks. Most refunds are fully refunded in 3-5 days after we receive and process your return.

I'm outside of the United States, can I return my item?

Unforunetlly due to the logistics of shipping internationally we don't offer returns for unwanted orders going outside of the United states. If a product arrives defective arrangements can be made after inspection.

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