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Choose from 8 grades:

  • 111.020  250 Micron (Green) = 60 Grit
  • 111.021  125 Micron (Black)  = 120 Grit
  • 111.022  74 Micron (Red)       = 200 Grit
  • 111.023  40 Micron (Yellow)  = 300 grit
  • 111.024  20 Micron (White)   = 900 Grit 
  • 111.025  10 Micron (Blue)     = 1600 Grit
  • 111.026  R30 Micron (White) = 600 Grit
  • 111.027  R10 Micron (Blue)   = 1600 Grit 

3M Diapad™ are made with a precision dot pattern 100% diamond cutting surface on a lightweight foam base. These laps fit into the palm of your hand and offer fast, uniform cutting on hard to sand materials. Great for deburring and finishing non-ferrous metals like gold, silver, copper and brass as well as other materials like stone, marble, and fiberglass. These diamond grits are ideal for quickly leveling or wet stoning cloisonne enamels before the final fire-polish. 

These Diamond Hand Laps are precisely graded using Microns. Microns are a unit of measurement. There are 1000 microns to a millimeter. Because these are diamond abrasives it is possible to have large grit gaps between abrasive steps. Diamond is the hardest abrasive known and very forgiving and will easily remove the previous grit scratch pattern.  

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