Badeco 437 Quick Change Handpiece 3/32" with USA Duplex Spring

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134.747 With Duplex Spring

Quick Change handpieces are great for making quick bur changes without having to use a key. They are meant to be used with only one diameter size tool, in this and most cases, bits and burs or tools having a 3/32" diameter shaft.

The Badeco 437 quick change handpiece is not for everybody, as it is the most expensive quick change handpiece for flex shaft use on the market. Otto Frei first imported this top quality handpiece from Badeco of Switzerland over 30 years ago, and while we sold every single one we ever had, we could just never come to terms with the factory on re-order quantities. In the meantime, every so often we would receive requests from our customers to start importing this extremely rugged and well built quick change handpiece back into the USA. Since our recent agreement with Badeco of Switzerland to be their main North American distributor, the Badeco 437 is once again available in the United States and for anyone else in the world who uses the USA standard QD connections that we convert the handpieces with for use here.

The Badeco 437 is a twist-turn quick change handpiece with a fixed 3/32" collet. To open or close the collet, all that is required is a simple twist of the body of the handpiece. You use both hands to open or close the Badeco 437. As with all Badeco products, the fit and finish are truly first rate, and everything fits together like an expensive Swiss mechanical timepiece. The Badeco is a robust and reliable quick change handpiece, and has a 6 month factory warranty against defects in parts and manufacturing for all parts from the duplex spring attachment up.

Before choosing the duplex spring model please be aware of the following: Duplex springs are not made by Badeco and are attached post factory. Duplex springs, and all parts related to the USA made duplex spring connections, have no warranty. Duplex springs should not be bent beyond 45 degrees during use! Duplex springs can be damaged easily if operated beyond the 45 degree angle or during detaching the handpiece from the end of the flex shaft. Duplex springs can also fail during normal use. If you choose a duplex spring model, you may want to purchase additional inner duplex springs (Single piece part number 134.279 Foredom HP76-Pack of 12 part number 134.280 Foredom HP76B) and learn how to change out and replace the inner duplex spring, the most common part that can fail.

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