Badeco Swiss Hammer Handpiece-222 Heavy Spring Strength-with Duplex Spring

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134.751 Badeco 222 Heavy Spring Strength-With USA Duplex Spring Attachment

Badeco Swiss Made Hammer Handpieces - The World's Best Hammer Handpiece

This is the USA version of the Badeco 222 heavy spring strength hammer handpiece that includes the USA duplex spring attachment for added flexibility.

We also sell the Badeco 222 heavy spring strength hammer handpiece in a non-duplex spring version as well as the Badeco 217 Medium Strength version of this hammer handpiece in both duplex spring and non-duplex spring versions, (see below). We recommend that you use the Badeco with duplex spring hammer handpiece using a Low Speed High Torque Foredom LX motor (item 134.159). This will extend the life of the duplex spring. Remember the pedal controls speed not power.

Genuine Swiss made Badeco hammer handpieces are recognized by stonesetters throughout the world as the best quality reciprocating hammer handpiece you can buy. Jewelers prefer the Swiss made Badeco hammer handpiece for its easily adjustable stroke, its controllable power and its long service life.

Most setters prefer the model 222 heavy spring-this is the most popular spring strength throughout the world.

These handpieces are sold with a Badeco 137.753 (Badeco 240.000) non-hardened tip. This tip is meant to be shaped and hardened by the user. Factory instructions for preparing the tip for use are as follows:

Shape the tip as you wish.

Step 1 Hardening. Hold piece on thread part with tweezers. (Caution: do not damage the thread!). Heat up front part with blowlamp up to 820 degrees centigrade (=light cherry-red). Cool down rapidly, putting tip head down into oil bath.
Step 2 To remove oil, whiten with thin sand paper. Do not touch point with your fingers!
Step 3 Tempering. Finally, pass piece from back to front over blowlamp up to 130 degrees centigrade (the color of the piece must not change!) and cool immediately in oil bath. Should the temperature be too high, tip will lose its edge rapidly on first utilization. In that case start the whole process again beginning with Step 1.

A wide variety of pre-shaped and hardened tips are available separately (see below)

Please note that Badeco has a one year factory warranty. This warranty does not cover the American made duplex spring, which has no warranty. Duplex springs add flexibility, but can be easily damaged if misused. Do not exceed a 45 degree angle when utilizing the duplex spring. Please carefully read the owners sheet that is included with every Badeco hammer handpiece we sell for proper use and limitations. The factory states the warranty as such:

Repairs caused by faulty material or workmanship will be rectified at no charge by the manufacturer within one year of invoice date. During the warranty period, all pieces dismantled by the user will be repaired at user's expense. Repairs effected due to wrong utilization and non-observance of our (Badeco) instructions will not be done under warranty.

Otto Frei has a repair department that can repair Badeco hammer handpieces.

Before choosing this duplex spring model please read the following: Duplex springs are not made by Badeco and are attached post factory. Duplex springs, and all parts related to the USA made duplex spring connections, have no warranty. Duplex springs should not be bent beyond 45 degrees during use! Duplex springs can be damaged easily if operated beyond the 45 degree angle or during detaching the handpiece from the end of the flex shaft. Duplex springs should be operated at low speeds and can be damaged when run above 5000 RPM. Duplex springs can also fail during normal use. If you choose a duplex spring model, you may want to purchase additional inner duplex springs (Single piece part number 134.279 Foredom HP76-Pack of 12 part number 134.280 Foredom HP76B) and learn how to change out and replace the inner duplex spring, the most common part that can fail.

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Badeco vs Foredom-Customer Question Answered


This was a question from a customer that we answered recently. I thought it might be helpful to post it here.
<br>The Badeco is made in Switzerland. It is the premium hammer handpiece for jewelers and is used by the finest jewelers in the world for precision stonesetting. It is made for production use, meaning it can handle 8 hours a day of use.
<br>The Foredom H15 is basically a copy of the Badeco. The only parts that interchange are the screw in tips. It is a good hammer handpiece but lacks the stroke range (heavy to fine) of the Badeco. It is made in China for Foredom. If you are not a professional jeweler hammer setting stones for a living, and you never used a Badeco, you will be perfectly satisfied with the Foredom.
<br>The duplex spring versions of both do share the exact same duplex spring parts which are made in the USA. Duplex springs can break and are not covered by warranty. If used properly, they do give good service.