Blue Economy Flat Rolling Mill with Reduction Gear

Part # 128.200FLAT
4 Reviews
$245.00 $275.00

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Available: 12

$245.00 $275.00

In Stock

Available: 12


This compact economy rolling mill comes with flat rolls pre installed but you can buy optional wire and pattern rolls as you need them. This is the same mill as our proven long lasting economy rolling mill with 7 rolls, but without the extra 5 rolls.

The economy rolling mill is made in India and perfect for the hobbyist or student on a budget. The roll size is 76mm (3”) wide, by 43mm (1-5/8") diameter. These flat rolls are manufactured from selected high carbon steel.

This economy rolling mill differs from our super economy rolling mill 128.199 in 2 ways:

  • Flywheel Handle with Speed Knob instead of simple T bar roller adjustment
  • Drive Shaft on Reduction Gear has Lubrication Hole

This is a light duty mill, and just like any other jewelers rolling mill, should only be used with soft non-ferrous metals like gold, silver and copper. You can do many of the same things with this mill as you could do with a more expensive mill, as long as you refrain from making big passes and anneal your metal often.

The maximum thickness of sheet that you can roll in this economy mill is 2.0mm. This economy mill also features a reduction gear with a wheel style adjuster and 1 pair of flat rolls:

  • One upper flat roll (installed on mill)
  • One lower flat roll (installed on mill)

Documentation & Specifications:

  • The economy rolling includes a printed detailed owners manual, but you can also grab a PDF copy here.
  • This mill is sold with a 12-month warranty.
  • Dimensional Shipping weight is 55lbs, Shipping size is 13'x13"x13".*
  • Shipping this Rolling Mill Outside the United States is Expensive:Because this mill exceeds the weight limit for Global Express Mail, we cannot ship this mill via post outside the USA. A recent quote for shipping via FedEx to Canada came in at $175.00, excluding custom fees and government duties. Expect the shipping charges to other countries to be at least that much, and more.

*Net weight of mill is less than shipping weight.

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews


Great lil machine!!


Researched rolling mills for at least 6 months before buying this one. It is a great one to learn on, I sure learned a lot... not to make it so tight nothing will go thru, how to calibrate r/m's and so on. After having this same mill I purchased a Durston, confident I had learned many lessions on the economy. Its great for making impressions on metal and many other crafts.