Fretz Bezel & Mushroom Stake Set

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Fretz Set of 10 Deluxe Miniature Bezel Forming Stake Set-Fretz Set # 2

Now includes 2 FREE Fretz Instructional DVD's.

Fretz miniature stakes are great for making bezel settings for hard to fit fancy or regular shaped stones. You can also use Fretz miniature stakes for forming rings or use them like regular stakes for making small scale gold and silversmithing projects that would be impossible to make otherwise. Fretz miniature stakes are made of hardened 420 stainless steel and have highly polished surfaces. You can easily customize the stakes with files and abrasive paper. Like all Fretz products Fretz miniature stakes are beautifully made and a joy to have in your workshop.

Bill Fretz has created a series of demonstration projects to help show you how you can make unique one of kind bezels for all types of stone shapes as well as forming rings in the traditional goldsmithing method by hand. These tutorials use various Fretz miniature stakes and standard jewelers’ tools like hammers, files and shears.

Fretz Set of 10 Deluxe Miniature Bezel Forming Kit Includes:

  • 112.611 Flat Bezel Sharp Edge Stake B-1
  • 112.612 Low Dome Bezel Sharp Edge Stake B-2
  • 112.613 High Dome Bezel Sharp Edge B-3
  • 112.614 Trillion Undercut Bezel Sharp Edge B-4
  • 112.615 Flat Bezel Rolled Edge Stake B-5
  • 112.616 Dome Bezel Rolled Edge Stake B-6
  • 112.620 Standard Raising Stake R-1
  • 112.651 Mushroom Stake Flat M-1
  • 112.652 Mushroom Stake Low Dome M-2
  • 112.653 Mushroom Stake High Dome M-3
  • 112.629 Wood 8-3/4" x 5" stake holder rack S-1
  • 112.600 Steel stake holder with hardware H-1
  • 112.601 with wood block VB-1
  • Instructions for Bezel Making
  • 163.121 Fretz Productions DVD's - Convex
  • 163.122 Fretz Productions DVD's - Concave

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