Fretz Michael Good CP-2 Planishing Hammer

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Michael Good, in collaboration with Bill and Jordan Fretz, has designed 3 new planishing hammers for use in Anticlastic raising.

The Fretz-Michael Good P-1, the Fretz-Michael Good CP-1 and the the Fretz-Michael Good CP-2 are made to Michael Good's specifications by the Fretz hammer & stake factory in Vietnam.

Anticlastic raising is a technique of forming metal whereby sheet metal is formed directly with a hammer on a sinusoidal stake. Because most anticlastic raising is done with fairly thin material, Michael Good recommends using these new polished stainless steel hammers with a nylon sinusoidal stake, although they will work just fine with metal sinusoidal stakes or metal stakes and anvils of all kinds.

This is the Fretz-Michael Good CP-2 145mm Cross Pein Planishing Hammer.

The Fretz-Michael Good CP-2 Cross Pein Planishing Hammer has a long and slightly curved head, two design elements that allows for a long arcing stroke, very useful for delivering a predictable strike on the workpiece.

The CP-2 is similar to the CP-1, but the faces on the CP-2 have different dimensions than the CP-1, with the large face of the CP-2 being thinner and narrower while the thin face of the CP-2 is thicker than the CP-1. Together, both the CP-1 and the CP-2 have 4 different face dimensions.

The narrow face of the CP-2 hammer is for working on thin concave curves, while the heavier and thicker end gives the hammer a good amount of heft for working on heavier material. Long 250mm (10") long handle length makes this suitable for heavy work when needed.

View a short description of the Anticlastic raising technique here

Face ShapeRectangular
Face Sizes23 x 5.5mm & 21 x 5mm
Handle Length250mm (10")
Head Length145mm
Head Weight4.6 oz. (130g)
Country of OriginVietnam

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