Handy Melt Digital Electric Melting Furnace 110V

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The Handy Digital Melting Furnace was designed to be a safe and easy to use electrical method for melting gold, silver and other non-ferrous metals for casting and ingot pouring applications. This model has a 1000 gram (30 troy ounce or 1 Kilo) capacity for gold. It offers precise control of melting temperatures up to 2028oF (1120oC) through its user-friendly, easily programmable controller with LED display. The insulated lid holds in heat and keeps oxygen out for a cleaner melt. Includes one pair of tongs and detailed instructions for use. Operates on 110 volt 50/60Hz. Made in Italy.

The instructions cover how to prepare your Handy Digital Melting Furnace for use and include detailed notes on the use of the easy to use digital programmer. Please note that it is recommended to use separate crucibles for different metals to avoid cross-contamination.

Recommended Options:

  • Carbon or Quartz Stirring Rod 122.901-122.902-122.906 to stir melt
  • Long Tweezers 157.920 for adding metal scrap
  • Extra Crucibles 122.362 for different metals
  • Borax Powder 122.821 for flux
  • Boric Acid Powder 154.447 for flux
  • Kerr Super Flux 122.822 (Graphite Based) for flux
  • Spare Heating Element 122.363 for emergency replacement*

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*Heating Elements and Thermocouples do not have factory warranties. Operator care and caution are the only assurances of long heating element life. Elements can fail if the temperature exceeds maximum rated temperature. The Handy Melt has a 6 month factory warranty on the control unit only.

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