Jura by GRS 523-021 Digital Caliper

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This is the new version of the Jura Digital Caliper, now called the Jura by GRS Digital Caliper.  The previous versions had sharpen carbide points and cost twice as much.  These new GRS versions have regular steel points that you can sharpen yourself.

Jura had extensively modified a digital caliper for pave diamond setting applications. This digital caliper has had most of its scale removed so it will only measure items up to around 28 mm (1.1"). 

Finally, the back has been modified so that the body will not come off the shorten scale. As with all Jura by GRS tools, this digital caliper is purpose built for pave work.

Previously, Jura would remove excess material from around the jaws to make it easier to manipulate the jaws when measuring tiny stones.  The previous versions were also fitted with carbide material on the inside jaw faces and then sharpened so they were ready to use.  These new versions from GRS are much less expensive but you need to remove excess material your self and the tips do not have carbide inserts.

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