Miller Smith H753 Flashback Arrestors-Regulator Mounted-Pair

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Miller Smith H753 Combination Flashback Arrestors/Check Valves -Regulator Mounted-Pair

Flashback arrestors are an important safety device that protects against the possibility of a flame reaching back into the tank and causing an explosion. These Miller Smith brand flashback arrestors also act as check valves, shutting off gas flow when back pressure drops to below 1/2 psi. Mount these combination flashback arrestors and check valves between the regulator and the hose. These combination flashback arrestors and check valve have 9/16" (18 STD. B fittings) connections. 

What is a flashback? A flashback is an ignition of mixed gases in an oxy-fuel cutting and welding system.

Are flashback arrestors and check valves the same? No. A check valve stops the reverse flow of gas; a flashback arrestor extinguishes a flashback fire. Western flashback arrestor with built-in check valve does both.

Why do I need a flashback arrestor? Mixed gas explosions and flashback fires can result in damage to equipment and/or severe personal injury or death. Flashback arrestors with built-in check valves help prevent accidents caused by the reverse flow of gases and flashback fires.

What is the minimum pressure required to allow gas to flow through the flashback arrestors? The built-in check valve requires a minimum of 2 psi to open allowing gas to flow through.

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