Sessin-Fretz 100 Series Starter Stake Set with Bench/Stump Mounted Stake Holder

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$1,025.00 $1,140.00

In Stock


Sessin Durgham has put this Fretz 100 Series stake  kit together for Otto Frei to get you started on learning a wide range of silversmithing techniques as well as making anticlastic and convex cuffs and bracelets.

This kit includes the Fretz H-101 Bench Mount Stake Holder, for those of you who prefer to permanently mount a tool holder to a bench or stump. This same kit is available with the Fretz VH101 Vise Held Stake Holder, for those of you who prefer to work from a suitable bench vise. See Sessin-Fretz kit 112.594.

Now includes 2 FREE Fretz Instructional DVD's and for a limited time, a FREE Fretz Hammer Pendant.

The Fretz stake set consists of three transforming parts: The large bench holder, T-Stake holder and the Extended holder.

 The large bench tool holder bolted to a bench is a solid base to use the Double Ended holder. Customize your T-stake with interchangeable ends to match the work like heavy bangles, raising bowls, cups, goblets and even some medium weight forging. The Extended Holder allows you to customize planishing tasks with inner changeable ends like mushroom stakes, spoon stakes and flat stakes for planishing the base of a bottle. This Fretz kit is compact and allows you to do a wide range of silversmithing techniques as well as anticlastic and convex cuffs and bracelets without taking up a lot of space.  Sessin Durgham Technical adviser to Otto Frei.

This kit includes:

112.720  Fretz H-101 Large stake Holder For Workbench or Tabletop 100 Series Stakes  
112.722  Fretz T-101 Long Double Ended Holder For 100 Series Stakes
112.724  Fretz E-101 Extended Holder For 100 Series Stakes
112.725  Fretz E-100 Extractor Wedge For 100 Series Stakes
112.636  Fretz S-3 Wood Stake Rack 12" X 5"
112.740  Fretz M-110 Sloped Convex Cone Stake 52mm Long
112.732  Fretz M-102 Low Dome Mushroom Stake
112.737  Fretz M-107 X-Small Concave Stake 52mm Long
112.752  Fretz M-122 Shallow Concave Stake
112.734  Fretz M-104 Large Concave Stake 57mm Long  
112.733  Fretz M-103 Flat Mushroom Stake 35mm Round
112.731  Fretz M-101 High Dome Mushroom Stake 35mm Round 
 112.751  Fretz M-121 Small Spoon Stake
 112.741  Fretz M-111 40mm Convex Cuff Stake 36mm Long
 112.743A  Fretz M-113A Starting Fluting Stake
163.121  Fretz Productions DVD's - Convex
163.122  Fretz Productions DVD's - Concave

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