Swiss Sawblade Assortment On Wood Stand

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Wood sawblade holder contains thirteen different Otto Frei Swiss jewelers saw blades, size #8/0 (small) to size #6 (large), for a total of 156 saw blades. Our latest version has each hole marked with a jewelers sawblade size number and a list of sizes and part numbers for easy re-ordering.  The sawblade organizer rotates on its stand. This organizer stands 5-1/2" tall (7" tall to top of handle) and is 3-3/4" in diameter. If you bought the wood sawblade organizer and all the sawblades separately, it would cost over $67.00.

Please note we have run low on some of the larger sized blades and will be doubling up on the smaller sizes.

Wood stand only with no markings: Part# 149.910 

This assortment of top quality Swiss Made jeweler's sawblades contains one dozen each of the following sizes:

  •  8/0  149.400D
  •  6/0  149.402D
  •  5/0  149.403D
  •  4/0  149.404D
  •  3/0  149.405D
  •  2/0  149.406D
  •   0    149.407D (Same as 1/0)
  •   1    149.408D
  •   2    149.410D
  •   3    149.411D
  •   4    149.412D
  •   5    149.413D
  •   6    149.414D (Largest)
  • Handy Wood Sawblade Organizer with 13 Dozen Otto Frei Swiss Jewelers Sawblades

Ratings & Reviews

Just ok

by -

Functional for my studio. The numbers on top are inaccurate and I had to sand them off then rewrite it with a sharpie. Also the center peg has to be hammered in. Price should be lower for this type of quality.



Keeps my blades organized and nearby. The Swiss blades included I like better than other brands I have been using and have been using them all the time. Stand is simple and easy to modify, I used a sharpie to mark the holes better for me-I don't use a lot of thicker blades.

Great Sawblades

by -

Thumbs up on these swiss sawblades- they are great! I'm liking them better than the german blades I've been using. Can't really beat the price of the blades plus the bonus of having an array of blades organized and ready to go in a handy wooden stand.