Ultralite Kiln For Silver Clay/PMC, Granulation & Enamels-12

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The Versatile UltraLite Kiln works great for granulation, enameling, Keum-Boo and working with Precious Metal Clays like ArtClay Silver and PMC (not recommended for Art Clay Copper, which requires a hotter kiln*). This small kiln is 120V, and draws 250 watts and is also called a Bee Hive Kiln. This simple kiln plugs into any 120V household outlet and goes straight to full power. Use it with the optional temperature control if you would like to control the power from hi to low. Chamber dimensions are 3-1/2" in diameter by 1-1/2" high. The body of the Ultralite Kiln is made of insulating ceramic fiber. Made in the USA.

Here is a few things it can do:

  • Enameling: It runs at a perfect 1550F with the lid on. For larger items add the flat cover, this will drive the temperature up to 1650F and shorten firing time part # 122.138. You can easily lift the lid to do ornamental scrolling on molten enamel.
  • Artclay Silver and PMC: The UltaLite kiln can replace torch firing and speed up small production lines by adding the ceramic shelves (pack of 3) item 122.133. Then add color by enameling on fired silver.
  • Keum-Boo: The UltraLite kiln with the Keum-Boo kiln covers item 122.134 is the perfect temperature and workstation for Keum-Boo. Unlike hot plates you can work all day without gloves as the excess heat will escape out of the vent not up, plus the thick wall insulation protects hands from radiant heat.
  • Granulation: The UltraLite kiln was originally developed for fine metal Granulation for small studios or home spaces.
  • Annealing: Use the UltraLite kiln with the ceramic inserts part # 122.133 for annealing in the classroom or for small run production parts to ensure uniform annealing temperatures.

*The Ultra Lite Kiln can achieve a maximum temperature of 1550oF. Art Clay Copper requires 1778oF, and is best fired in a programmable kiln like the Paragon SC2 or SC3.

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