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The Whaley Sliding Hammer allows the jeweler to move metal in a very careful and precise way. This remarkable new hammer is a result of Jay Whaley's passion for goldsmithing and creative mind. Jay has invented this revolutionary tool that makes it much easier to strike precise hammer blows in the smallest of areas.

The Whaley Studios Sliding Hammer has a slender, hollow hammer head which holds a long punch that slides back and forth within the hammer head. Use it to deliver precise hammer blows through the punches when stone setting, channel setting, riveting and texturing. You can also use the Whaley Sliding Hammer for repousse and chasing work.

The punch stays aligned within the hammer body which means each hammer strike is perfectly aligned for the next blow. You can control the hammer force quite easily, making the most difficult bezel setting work possible even with softer stones. The Whaley Sliding Hammer can be used in any position as the punches rotate and the head swivels freely.

The Whaley Sliding Hammer includes 3 hardened stainless steel punches. Optional sets of stainless steel rivet punches, round punches, domed round punches and rectangular punches are available below.

The nicely finished handle is made of Dalberiga Sisso, a rosewood that is commercially grown in Pakistan.

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Add a rubber washer to a brilliant tool.

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This great idea works extremely well. The screw was working loose during use, but a small rubber washer placed between the screw and the hammer ended that problem. No more need to over-tighten the screw. I suggest adding a couple of washers to the original product package.

Useful and easy to use


A useful tool that I am having fun using. Wish there were more hammer inserts from which to choose. I use mind with my right (dominant hand) swinging the hammer while my left hand holds the hammer head insert. It's a good design that takes a bit of getting used to. But once you've got it the technique is a very clever tool to have to simplify work.