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New Jura Micromotor EQ.MM.OO-110V

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Product Details

GRS has informed us that Jura by GRS micromotor systems will not be available until Early 2021.  Prices have not yet been officially set so we are not accepting pre-orders.  When delivery and price are certain pre-orders will be available.   

The new JURA Micromotor uses a high torque Saeshin brushless micro motor combined with a slim NSK E Type handpiece. This combination produces the necessary low speed torque that is required for precise drilling in hard metals like platinum and 18K white gold for precision pave micro stonesetting. The NSK handpiece is slim like a pen, allowing for stress free work all day.

The torque produced is rated at 7.8Ncm. What does that mean? That torque number means you get consistent low speed drilling at your chosen speed. The motor doesn't "bog down" and you are not constantly manipulating the foot control to maintain speed. 

It is exactly what you need for all types of stone setting application. The precise application of speed and torque for drilling in hard metals at low speed.

Although the Shashien brushless motor and the control box will allow speeds up to 40,000 rpm, the handpiece is rated for 20,000 rpm. Caution must be taken to not exceed the maximum rpm for the handpiece. The handpiece disconnects from the micromotor by a quick pull. They do not screw together, they are a friction fit.

The JURA micromotor has a digital readout that shows rpm speed by the 1000 rpm. It also has a digital display for elapsed time that is used in factory production work or whenever you need to know how much time was involved in a particular task. The speed is controlled by a large dial in the center of the control box. The three control box functions are on/off, hand speed control by dial/foot speed control by foot control and Forward/Reverse.

The JURA Micromotor is available as a stand alone unit like this one or combined with a JURA Artgraver system in either the JURA Artgraver Plus or the JURA Artgraver Pro.

Control box dimension: 5"wide x 7-1/2"tall x 10" deep

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