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Durston DRM-Round150RE Rolling Mill with Reduction Gear & Extension Rolls

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Product Details

Durston is the first to make a rolling mill with Full Round Wire rolls, so the most common shape used in jewelry work is now available with few if any passes through a draw plate.

The wire shape in just about every wire rolling mill ever made has always been used for simply reducing wire, not for making a final wire shape. The actual shape could be described as a diamond, or more precisely, each half of the wire hole is a triangle with a flat top. If you wanted to make round wire you would still have to draw it through a draw plate. With Durston's new full round wire shape rolling mill, you now have actual round wire. You may still need to pull it through a round draw plate to remove the slight flash that may occur between the 2 half round shapes, but for many uses you will have a nice and round piece of wire ready to go. 

This new 150mm round wire rolling mill has a reduction gear for making reductions in wire size far easier. The side rolls allow the easy rolling of half round shanks. This Durston mill has self-lubricating maintenance free bearings and hardened helical drive gears with special form for maximum drive. A calibrated dial on both top wheels with pointer makes for precise and easy to read gap measurement.

When shopping for a quality rolling mill remember this-Durston rolling mills hold their value better than any tool you are ever likely to buy. Made in Great Britain.

Aspect Specification
Roll Size 150 mm x 60 mm
Sheet Thickness Capacity 6 mm
Roller Type Round
Roller Length 150 mm
Roller Diameter 60 mm
Wire Grooves 18 round sizes ranging from 10 mm to 1 mm
Gear Ratio 5-to-1 gearbox
Side Extensions Four half-rounds: 4, 3, 2 and 1.5 mm
Maximum Wire Capacity 10 mm
Dimensions 17" L x 8-3/4" W x 10-1/2" H (430mm x 220mm x 265mm)
Net Weight 104 Lbs. (47.3kg)

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