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Fretz MKR-7 Double Ended Insert Hammer With 7 Metal Tips

Part # 137.377
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Product Details

The Fretz MKR-7-7 is an insert hammer that includes seven different interchangeable metal inserts and one nylon insert. Use it for a wide variety of chasing tasks such as fluting, embossing and creating curves, contours and textures. Use the nylon end for working with metal without marring the surface. Both ends hold the faces in with a hex screw but each end has a different hole diameter so the metal inserts only fit on the narrow end of the hammer. The larger nylon end uses the same diameter tips as used on the Fretz HMR-7 insert hammer. See part number 137.207A to purchase the optional set of 9 nylon tips. Supplied with an Allen wrench to secure the faces.

Set includes:
MKR-7 Maker Hammer
Hex Key
Flat nylon insert
RH-1 Insert 1mm Width
RH-2 Insert 2mm Width
RH-4 Insert 4mm Width
RH-6 Insert 6mm Width
RH-6R Insert 6mm RD
RH-8R Insert 8mm RD
RH-35R Insert 35mm RD

About the line of Fretz Maker Hammers:

Now every “maker” can work with quality tools.

With the advent of cheap low quality knock-offs of Fretz hammers coming from Pakistan, Bill and Jordan Fretz have struck back against the copy-cat scammers with the new Maker line of hammers. The Maker line delivers the quality and beauty that jewelers have come to expect from Fretz at a lower price point. Just like the premium line of Fretz hammers, Maker hammers use hand polished 420 stainless steel heads matched with beautifully formed and balanced oil finished handles. The savings comes from a slight redesign on the head shapes and by using North American ash for the handles instead of the more expensive paduk used on the premium lines. The result is a high quality hammer with the great Fretz style and functionality for significantly less expense.

Fretz Maker hammers are made with the same attention to detail that makes the premium line of Fretz hammers so special.

Aspect Specification
Brand Fretz
Face Shape Combination
Face Sizes Multiple
Overall Length 9-3/4"
Head Length Multiple
Head Type Combination
Country of Origin Vietnam

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
If you can only get one hammer, this is a good choice

I have had this hammer for a year and half. I have used it extensively. I do follow the instructions to wear eye protection, but I have had zero issues with the tips loosening or coming off. I have to say that I love this hammer as it is smallish, but the tips and the variety of the tips make for a nice sampling of different size of both round and sharp marks. I made a sample sheet that I keep with the hammer and refer to it so I know which tip I want for the look that I want. I would say the only downside is figuring out how to store all the tips and hammer together and not misplace anything including the set screws. I keep everything in one big durable bag so nothing gets lost.