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David Baird's Metalartz Layout Jig Set

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Product Details

Click on the video above to see David explain how to use all the Metalartz Layout Jigs.

David Baird's Metalartz 17 Degree Cone Template Layout Jig 135.107 This new template is used to figure the correct shape and size of metal to cut out while using a 17 degree round bezel block. Take your round stone and place it in the slot. Using the template, you can then capture the correct arc shape that you need to cut out of metal to make the perfect setting. You transfer the cutting arc from the template to the metal using a graphite tracing or by using a compass or a clear piece of tape. This template also has an index to help lay out prongs for making 4 or 6 prong heads. Use the 17 Degree Cone Tool Template with the 17 degree round bezel blocks 127.000 and 127.003.

Helps make Round, Tapered Bezels, and Tapered Prong Settings
Easy transfer to metal
Simplifies laying out arcs needed to form a 17 Degree Cone.
Indexes for 4 and 6 prong Settings
Made in the USA

The Metalartz Center Finder 135.009 is used to quickly find the center of round discs. It also has the added feature of using it to check for symmetry. Measures 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" and made of clear acrylic. Made in the USA.


To use the Center Finder-Place the disc in to the V. The center slot is designed to fit and ultra find point Sharpie. Draw a line, turn the disc and draw a second line. Two line work, three lines will be more accurate.

To Check Symmetry- Moving the top plate with the V can make checking for symmetry easier. The top plate can be moved by loosening the screws and then pushing the plate. It may be tight at first. Always push both sides together and in line with the slots. You can use a table edge to assist in getting it to move if needed.

The Metalartz 3 Piece Division Plates Layout Jig Set 135.111 also called the Layout Template Set, is a set of 3 different 4" x 4" square clear acrylic 3 mm plates that are marked with various segments. Use them for quickly laying out precise angles and lines. The Division Plates are divided in spokes of a 360 degree circle for the following number of lines:
Plate 1 (Divisible by 3): 3-6-9-12-18-24
Plate 2 (Divisible by 4): 4-8-16-32
Plate 3 (Divisible by 5): 5-10-20

David's favorite way of using them is to transfer a pattern to tape using pencil carbon and then placing the tape over the metal you are using to then transfer the pattern to your metal. See more info in the video above.

David Baird has been making jewelry for nearly four decades. He received his bachelor's degree at the Evergreen State College, and his MFA from The School of the American Craftsman at Rochester Institute of Technology. He also has a GG (Graduate Gemology certificate) from the GIA. David sells his work nationally and has taught classes and workshops for at least 30 years including at Metalwerx, in Waltham, MA.

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Lawrence W Dallas
Layout templates

This is a great set to have for laying out different types of things. I love it! I bought my set a couple of years ago when you first came out with them.