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EarthCoat ElectroKing Electrocleaning Concentrate Powder (2

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Product Details

EarthCoat™ ElectroKing™ Electrocleaning Concentrate Powder (2 Lbs.)-Ecologically Friendlier Cleansing System For Metals

ElectroKing™ is an excellent soak cleaner and electrocleaner for many substrates in the jewelry and industrial industry. Simply mix 1/4 lb powder per gallon and start cleaning by simple immersion or electrocleaning. Instructions for use with rectifier: Heat to 140°F, 2-6 volts, 15-60 seconds, stainless anode. Instructions for use without rectifier Heat mixture to 140°F and immerse items to be cleaned 1-5 minutes. Sold as a powder concentrate in a 2 lb container. MSDS

Customer Reviews

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David Worcester
Great cleaner with low cost shipping

This is a very effective cleaner and brightener, and a real plus is that it ships normally; all other electrocleaners that I'm aware of require expensive hazardous materials shipping. I use it on Argentium 960 for every piece that I produce - the bulk of my work. This has been found to enhance Argentium silver's tarnish resistance. I use six volts for 75 seconds. I just discovered that this can also be used in the ultrasonic, but I love the Ottosonic Cleaner (123.616) which I buy by the gallon and doubt that I will change using that in the ultrasonic cleaner prior to electrocleaning.