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EnSet Original Hand Engraving & Stone Setting System

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Product Details


EnSet Original-Control Unit & Foot Control Only-Dual Voltage 110/230


The EnSet Original by Syenset is an innovative pneumatic engraving and stone setting system for all jewelers and metalsmiths.  The EnSet has patent pending technology that allows users to control EnSet handpieces fitted with gravers, beading tools, hammer tips and other tools with great power and sensitivity.  Set stones and engrave with effortless precision. 

The EnSet can give you single stroke precision or variable stroke from 60 to 1500 per minute. The sensitive foot control offers precise control of the strokes giving you crucial control in speed and power at every work opportunity. There is no need to take your eyes off your work while you control your handpiece through the comfortable to use foot control.

While the foot control offers precise control of air pules per minute the Desk Top Control Unit controls the rest of the variables, adjusting pressure and power, by the large dial control and easy to read analog pressure gauge.


Innovative Features:


  • Dual Voltage 110/230
  • Minimal air requirements-0.02 liter/minute 3 Bar (45 psi) Minimum pressure.
  • Can operate using bottled CO2 tanks
  • Zero air use during standby mode
  • Auto purging bowl with filter system
  • Quick change connectors
  • 2 Outputs for using 2 Handpieces
  • Thin long lasting hoses
  • Compact Size: 7-3/4" h x 5-3/4" w x 5-1/4" d*




*Requires 8-3/4" depth space to accommodate moisture filter.

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