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Euro Machinist Square 100mm X 70mm (4 Inch)

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Product Details

Machined from bar stock (billet)

A machinist square is the metalworker's equivalent of a woodworker's try square. The square refers to the tool's primary use: measuring the accuracy of a right angle (90 degrees). To "try" a surface is to check its straightness or correspondence to an adjoined surface. A small notch has been added to the inside corner of the square to prevent small particles from accumulating and affecting the square's reading.

This Bulgarian made small machinist square has a 100mm (4") long foot and stands 70mm (3") tall. It also has a graduated scale along its taller foot (100mm on the outside and 75mm on the inside). Unlike the less expensive India made machinist squares that are welded together from 2 pieces of material, this square is machined from one piece bar stock (billet). Made from stainless steel (INOX) and has a back accuracy in accordance with DIN 875/II (DIN875/2) standards.

Customer Reviews

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Not so great

I guess I'm picky but I was pretty disappointed with the rough and inconsistent surface finish (looks like burs were removed very sloppily with 120 grit sand paper wrapped around someones finger). Also, the tool doesn't agree with my trusted square on either side of the blade. Two stars for being "squarish." You get that you pay for, I suppose.