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Individual Glardon-Vallorbe Needle Shape Buff Files

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Cut: Barrette

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Product Details

Files that Burnish/Finish/Polish

New from Glardon-Vallorbe, Buff Files are not files in the classic sense but rather ceramic coated finishing and burnishing tools shaped like files.  Instead of using emery sticks, fine abrasive paper or abrasive stones for finishing work you can now use popular needle and escapement file shapes for precise finishing in hard to reach places. 

These are the needle file shaped buff files.  Choose from 7 different needle file profiles.

Buff files are coated with a composite that includes synthetic diamond particles.  If compared to an abrasive grit, the buff file would be considered between 500-800 grit (30-20 micron) but if used with light pressure they can be compared to almost 900-1200 grit (20-15 micron). The factory rating for this level of abrasiveness is G10. When using on soft materials like gold buff files require occasional cleaning using an ultrasonic or a quick dip in alcohol.  Another cleaning method is to use Bergeon Rodico, a popular cleaning rubber used by Laser Welder owners and watchmakers.

Buff files are used for beveling and flank finishing in the watchmakers and machinists trade.  They can be used for cleaning up casting sprue lines and deburring jewelry as well as many finishing steps that are currently done using abrasive rubber wheels. Buff files will eliminate marks used by the finest cut files (cut 8) and the coating is anti-corrosive so the buff files won't easily rust.Buff files stiffness will allow you to make sharp edges and buff files shapes help you to finish hard to reach places.  Buff files work great on hard metals like Titanium, Steel and high karat white gold alloys.  They can even work on enamel surfaces.

Choose from 7 needle file profiles:

Part No. Vallorbe Part No. Profile

133.111  LAC2411-140-G10  Barrette
133.103  LAC2403-140-G10  Crossing
133.102  LAC2402-140-G10  Halfround
133.101    LAC2401-140-G10  Pillar
133.110  LAC2410-140-G10  Round
133.108    LAC2408-140-G10  Square
133.107  LAC2407-140-G10  Three-Square

Customer Reviews

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Miracle files

These are the perfect files for cleaning fancy platinum and gold settings prior to pushing prongs and cleaning up prongs after. They actually polish while removing metal leaving flat crisp planes unlike rubber wheels.