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GRS 004-735 Inside Diameter Ring Holder With 20 Mandrels

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Product Details

GRS 004-735 Inside Diameter Ring Holder With 20 Mandrels

When Glendo GRS sets their mind to improving a tool, they seldom miss, as the new GRS Inside Diameter (ID) Ring Holder is truly an upgrade from their original ID Ring Holder. The New GRS ID Ring Holder is designed to allow a jeweler to hold a ring from the inside and give unrestricted access to the rings circumference now with either an adjustable tension or a firm locking action (the original ID ring holder only had one tension). With the new version, you can choose between adjustable tension or locking action by using either the standard cone (allows for adjustable tension) or the locking cone (locks the ring in place). Use the standard cone to allow for smooth rotation of the ring while engraving. Use the locking cone, to lock the ring into position without rotation, allowing for tasks like pave and standard stone setting. Use the standard cone for adjustable tension, the locking cone when you need the ring absolutely rigid.

The New GRS ID Ring Holder now includes 2 sets of expanding mandrels, for a total of 20 ring holders. These are also a new design, and cover a wider range than the old style set of 7 expanding mandrels (referred to as collets in the original ID Ring Holder).

The New GRS ID Ring Holder body is made of steel and mounts in a vise or engraving block. It includes 20 expanding mandrels (2 each of every size), 2 each standard and locking cones, a longer hex nut for extending the ring mandrel when extra clearance is needed, a wrench and instructions. Not for use in a BenchMate. Made in the USA.

The GRS Inside Diameter Ring Holder part number 104.735 contains:

Ring Holder Body (Available separately-order 104.754)
20 Mandrels (2 sets of 10) (All parts in red-order 104.707 )
Standard Cones (2)
Locking Cones (2)
Drawbar Knob
Hex Nut
GRS Hex Wrench

    Mandrel sizes are:

    • 13.5mm
    • 14.5mm
    • 15.5mm
    • 16.5mm
    • 17.5mm
    • 18.5mm
    • 19.5mm
    • 20.5mm
    • 21.5mm
    • 22.5mm

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