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ImpGen Little Torch 1-1/2" Head Tube Adapter With 2 Meco OX Multi-Port Tips Kit-OX3 & OX4

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Product Details

Multi-Port Torch Tip Kit

The ImpGen Cooler Head Tube Adapter screws onto the popular Little Torch and allows you to use the popular Meco Midget style torch tips. This amazing little attachment changes dramatically what can be done at the bench with your Little Torch.

By using the ImpGen Cooler Head Tube and any of the Meco Midget type tips, you can transform your Little Torch into a seriously capable and versatile jewelers torch that can produce larger reducing flames that can handle a wider range of applications.

Tens of thousands of jewelers use the genuine made in the USA Little Torch and thousands more use the Little Torch knockoffs made in Taiwan and China. Lightweight, attractive and very comfortable to use with those thin, flexible hoses, the Little Torch is the most popular and easiest to use jewelers torch on the market. But among professional jewelers, at least most jewelers of who first trained on Hoke torches, Meco Midget torches or Swiss torches, they can find the Little Torch to be lacking in flame size and versatility. The standard Little Torch tips just don't cut it for many pros.

The ImpGen Cooler Head Tube Adapter does far more than just allow you to use Meco Midget or Paige torch tips. It is engineered to be much more robust as it is made from twin tubes of special 304 stainless steel. Torch to tip sealing on the brass tip can be done face to face as well as the nose radius to inside seat angle method, as close inspection of the brass tip reveals the superior engineering in this critical safety issue. The brass tip also has cooling fins that gives additional heat protection. Heat doesn't make its way down the head tube towards your hand, allowing for longer and cooler torch sessions. The copper ferrule on the torch end of the adapter is another safety feature, providing cushioning for a better seal at another critical junction.

The ImpGen Cooler Head Tube Adapter is more expensive than other adapters on the market for sure, but the expense is nominal when considering the exceptional engineering and quality that goes into this product.

You can buy the 1-1/2" ImpGen Cooler Head Tube Adapter for the Little Torch separately or as a kit with either single hole Meco Midget torch tips or with Meco Multi-Port torch tips included.   This is the Multi-Port torch tip kit.

Kit contains:
114.021 ImpGen Little Torch 1-1/2" Head Tube Adapter
114.364 Meco Multi-Port Torch Tip OX3 
114.365 Meco Multi-Port Torch Tip OX4

Instructions for Assembly to your Little Torch:
  • Remove the factory Little Torch Head Tube from your Little Torch
  • Screw on the ImpGen Cooler Head Tube to your Little Torch hand tight then, using a suitable wrench, give the Head Tube a firm final turn.
  • Screw on torch tips. Torch tips should always be attached using two suitable wrenches. One wrench to hold the Brass Heat Sink Fins, the other wrench to hold the Torch Tip.

Using 2 wrenches to attach tips to the ImpGen Cooler Head Tube will assure a good tight seal and will maintain the integrity of the Head Tube.

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