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Meco Midget Torch with 2 Tips

SKU 114.160
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Product Details

The Meco Midget torch is one of the most popular jeweler's torches we sell. Lightweight and easy to use, the controls on the Meco Midget can be adjusted with the same hand you hold it with. Professional jewelers prefer the Meco Midget to the Little Torch because of the larger flame a Meco Midget can produce. The Meco Midget can do just about everything a Little Torch can do, and a whole lot more. Otto Frei sells the Meco Midget in a variety of kits. Be sure to see our Meco torch kits 114.159, 114.159A or 114.080. Use with our optional oxygen/gas hose set, 114.190 or the new more flexible hose sets 114.189. Another choice for connecting to hose is to use the optional hose connectors 114.198 for oxygen and 114.196 for gas. The Meco Midget has 3/8" A style fittings. Measures 7" long by 1-9/16" by 1/2".

Tip sizes included in kit: (Tip sizes supplied are subject to change depending on availability.)
  • 114.161: N-0 
  • 114.162: N-1

Thousands of jewelers use the Meco Midget torch with N type single hole tips using either propane, natural or acetylene gas. The N type single hole tips are the preferred tips for jewelry applications. We strongly recommend these single hole tips for soldering gold, silver, copper or other common jewelry materials. OX type multi-hole tips are also available.  They burn hotter than the N type single hole tips, and are recommended for industrial applications.

California Prop 65 Warning:
This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Customer Reviews

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Robust and versatile torch

Very versatile and robust unit, with the larger tips I added it does everything I need including silver casting and light brazing jobs on steel. Not as light as the Smith little torch but can do more and still nimble enough to do the smallest of jewellery jobs.