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Nechamkin Complete Tool Kit With Hammer

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Product Details

The Nechamkin Complete Tool Kit includes all the Nechamkin Tool Sets in one complete master kit and the NEW Nechamkin Otto Frei Chasing Hammer

Complete Tool Kit Contains:

125.285 Nechamkin 25pc Chasing Tool Set
125.283 Nechamkin 10pc Small Pattern Tool Set
125.284 Nechamkin 4 pc Matting Tool Set

125.282 Nechamkin 6 pc Beading Pearling Tool Set

125.281 Nechamkin 5 pc Thick Line Chasing Tool Set

125.287 Nechamkin Otto Frei Chasing Hammer

About the 25 pc chasing tool set 125.285:

Finally, a ready to use core set of chasing tools, designed by a professional chaser is available through a top tool distributor. For years students and professionals have gone without an accessible source for ready to use chasing tools. Best accounts of the last time a set of this type was available commercially indicate the mid 19th century. While it is true, there are multiple chasing styles requiring innumerable tools, Nechamkin Chasing Tools™ 25 piece set in its durable container will provide a central core or useful addition to any chasing tool collection.

Nechamkin Chasing Tools are formed from W1 tool steel with tips heat treated in a controlled environment to ensure consistent Rockwell hardness. The 4.25” (108mm) long shanks are square for precision and control superior to that of round. They have chamfered corners and a satin finish for comfort in hand. Each chasing tool is numbered for easy identification. All tool faces are precisely shaped and polished in a manner which allows them to travel smoothly across metalwork. For excellent sight down to the working face, tapers are long and balanced. The durable stainless steel container, an added value, is designed with room for augmentation of your tool set and has a non-marking Delrin™ lid and bottom.

"These tools are made to very precise specifications within extremely close tolerances. They are expertly crafted for grace and balance. I personally final polish and inspect each one. A substandard tool will never leave my workbench." Liza Nechamkin

A long Overdue Re-Introduction of a Staple

"I have not made an improved chasing and repousse tool or invented a new one. I have simply brought back a great thing from the past: Properly designed, well made chasing and repousse tools haven't been sold through distributors for years. I developed this set over several years, inspired by my own antique collection of over 2000 individual chasing and repousse tools previously belonging to generations of Tiffany & Co and Gorham chasers. Choosing which tools to include in a "core" set was a difficult process since no single grouping can satisfy the requirements of all chasing approaches. The tools included in this set are capable of spanning a wide range of chasing requirements".-Liza Nechamkin

About the 4 pc matting tool set 125.284:

The inspiration for these patterns is seen in the finely made French matting tools made in Paris during the 19th century. This set was designed to cover a wide range of work, and to compliment matting tools K1 and K2, which are included in the Nechamkin 25-piece set (Otto Frei part No. 125.285). Matting tools K3 and K5 will accommodate small pattern work and tight areas while matting tools K4 and K6 work well for medium and large pattern work, as well as broad open areas within smaller designs. Nechamkin Chasing Tools are all 4.25" in length and feature square stock with soft chamfered corners and a satin finish for superior comfort and tool control.

The Nechamkin Chasing Tools Matting Set set contains the following tools:
  • K3-Face Shape-Small Rectangle-Texture-Honeycomb
  • K4-Face Shape-Medium Rectangle-Texture-Raised Points
  • K5-Face Shape-Small Oval-Texture-Raised Points
  • K6-Face Shape-Medium Almond-Texture-Honeycomb

 About the 10 pc small pattern tool set 125.283:

They are designed for work on jewelry scale patterns and for reaching into small details within any size pattern. They are go to tools for any fine details. Their 9/64" square shanks and long graceful tapers make it easy to maneuver the working faces into the smallest of details. 

Included in the 10 piece set:
  • Sp 1 Curved Liner
  • Sp 2 Straight Liner
  • Sp 3 Rectangle Embosser
  • Sp 4 Oval Embosser
  • Sp 5 Rectangle Planisher
  • Sp 6 Triangle Planisher
  • Sp 7 Almond Planisher
  • Sp 8 Hollow Planisher - Face has a slight convex radius for fitting over curved surfaces.
  • Sp 9 Flat Face Angled Planisher - For undercutting and sidewall shaping.
  • Sp 10 Convex Face Angled Planisher - For undercutting and sidewall shaping.

About the Nechamkin 6 Piece Beading Pearling Tool Set 125.282 :

These Beading-Pearling Tools from Nechamkin are patterned after French Pearloir and Boiteroile Tools.

Raised Bead Tools, when struck into the metal from the back produce a "pearl" on the front of the metal. They can also be used to deeply emboss small areas.  The hollow bead can be used to make small circles or when struck over the pearl from the front, crisps and rounds the pearl defining its edges.

Some refer to this as beading or pearling.

Pearling was used heavily in the chased work of Tiffany & Co. designed by Charles Osborne in the late 19th century.  The hollow and the raised bead tools can be used together or individually and can create pattern and texture by being struck repeatedly over an area.

This 6-piece set includes:

RB-1 Small Raised Bead
RB-2 Medium Raised Bead
RB-3 Large Raised Bead
HB-1 Small Hollow Bead
HB-2 Medium Hollow Bead
HB-3 Large Hollow Bead

About the Nechamkin 5 Piece Thick Line Chasing Tool Set 125.281 :
These thick liner chasing tools from Liza Nechmakin are use for defining details and creating bold lines.  Created and manufactured by Liza Nechamkin, these tools are patterned after some 18th century liners made by Gorham and Tiffany & Co. chasers that Liza has in her huge collection of chasing tools.  These thick liners are a line weight thicker than the line tracers in Liza's 25 Piece set (125.285) and her Small Pattern set (125.283).  These thick liner chasing tools are a compliment to A & B 1-4 and SP 1 & 2 and round out the Nechamkin liner collection.  These thick liners enable deeper bolder lines to be created for definition in and around designs.
Set Contains:
A5-Small Thick Straight Liner
A6-Medium Thick Straight Liner
A7-Large Thick Straight Liner
B5-Small Thick Curved Liner
B6-Medium Thick Curved Liner

Care and Maintenance

  • The naturally occurring mushrooming which happens to the striking end of any chasing tool should regularly be filed or ground off or it may break off under a hammer blow and cause eye injury.
  • A fine coat of lacquer has been applied to these tools to inhibit rust during warehousing, which will wear during use.
  • o keep these tools rust free, use often, keep them clean, dry and stored in their container when not in use. For extended storage, lightly coat with machine oil to inhibit rust.
  • If minor rust develops on the shank, use steel wool, fine sandpaper, or a coarse synthetic scrubby pad to remove it.
  • Polish on working faces may be maintained with green rouge or steel polish on a small soft buff. Do not over polish!
  • Alternately for better control: A piece of flannel with a small amount of linseed oil on it may be rubbed across some green rouge or steel polish to impart the polish onto the cloth. Hold the cloth flat on a work surface and use the other hand to rub the tool face vigorously across it to polish.
  • Despite hardening, delicate tools may be reduced to stumps by careless polishing.
Tool Modification

Warning: Modifying these tools voids their warranty and so should only be attempted by experienced metalsmiths!

Worthy of Note:

The general range of chasing styles these tools are best suited for fall within the realm of Western style jewelry and silver chasing. That approach being, low to moderately high relief outlined first from the front and subsequently embossed with repousse then final chased and modeled on the front; as seen in the famous 19th and early 20th century chasing of Tiffany & Co., Gorham, Kirk Steiff and Danish Silversmith George Jensen, to name a few. Although Japanese high relief chasing requires a different style of tool altogether, a respectable degree of high relief repoussage can be achieved utilizing the embossers in this set. The possibilities are only limited by ones imagination.

For some approaches you may want slightly more rounded edges/profiles. It is possible to modify them slightly without destroying the temper. For slight re-shaping of tool faces use a 3M light deburring wheel or medium grit emery paper then, compressed felt buff and steel polish. Allowing the tool to become hot will compromise the temper.

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