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Quatro Jet-Stream Xfinity MC2 Compact Dust Collector 110V

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Product Details

Fall 2021-Brand New Xfinity Version

New AR175 Longer Lasting Maintenance Free Xfinity Motor
New AG113-5 Filters Now Standard
New AA375 On/Off Handswitch 

This brand new Fall 2022 Quatro Jet-Stream Xfinity small compact dust collector comes with a MC2 Controller built in to give you automatic on-off of the suction motor every time you power up your flex shaft, micromotor or polishing lathe.  Simply plug a piece of equipment into the single input control panel of the Jet Stream Xfinity MC2 and every time you power up your flex shaft by pressing on your foot control, the Jet Stream suction begins!  No more wasting power keeping your dust collector turned on all day. No more manually turning your Jet Stream on and off all day.  You get suction when you need it, and not only that, the micro switch inside the MC2 has an automatic delay that extends the dust collection for several seconds after you have stopped using your flex shaft or other piece of equipment.  This means that all the airborne particles in the area are safely removed.

Quatro Jet-Streams Xfinity are quiet, compact and powerful personal dust collectors. They are easy to connect to your bench or workstation to help keep your breathing zone, clean and free of particulate matter. The Jet Stream Xfinity ses a two-stage filtering system that starts with an easy access replaceable bag filter that captures larger particulates and then an OSHA approved HEPA filter that will remove particulate matter down to sub micron particle levels. Loose stones or other valuable items that might accidentally be sucked into the Jet-Stream are easy to retrieve, while the variable speed suction motor can be adjusted from a soft but steady stream while stone setting to a full power for polishing or grinding applications.

The Quatro Jet-Stream Xfinity MC2 now automatically informs you when your filters need cleaning and your motor brushes need replacing.  You also have an input for connecting a remote on/off switch so you don't have to reach down and power up the dust collector when you want to operate manually.

Tech Data:

Size: 13" H x 10-1/4" W x 14-1/4" D (310 mm x 260 mm x 362 mm)
Net Weight: 28 lbs (12.7 kg)
141 cubic feet per minute of suction
Noise: 55 dBA
CSA/UL approved with circuit breaker an thermal cut-out protection
1 micron pre-filter bags
99.97% effective HEPA filter for particles larger than 0.3 micron
1/2 HP 7 amps 110v/60 Xfinity motor AR175
AA375 On/Off Hand Switch

Use the optional Jet Port with comfort zone with GRS benchmate attachment to turn your workbench into a dust collector station, or connect a fishmouth or other optional systems to a *hose end. The Jet Stream can also be connected to the popular Foredom BL-DCH polishing lathe to make a complete polishing dust collection system.

Previous version MC2 Compact Dust Collector 110V model number JS5423-C2 used standard motor AB001 (uses replacement brushes AB112) and included filters AG143.

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