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Stackable Matte Black Aluminum Stone Tray For Diamond Setters

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Product Details

This aluminum stackable tray comes in Matte Black and is the perfect work companion of the diamond setter. Keeps diamonds safe and visible while you concentrate on your work. Also available in Grey (115.166).

These small trays can be used with the 3 tray holder (115.167) or the 5 tray holder (115.168) to keep the trays securely organized and easy to lock away at night.  See below for links. 

Inside Dimensions: W 1-3/4" x L 2-3/4" x H 1/4" (44 mm x 70 mm x 8 mm)
Outside Dimensions: W 2" x L 3" x H 1/2" (42 mm x 75 mm x 10 mm)

Customer Reviews

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Leslie Villarreal
Awesome for granulation and tiny stones

I’m in love with these little trays they’re stackable you can use them for stone setting or granulation was beautiful as the weight of them keeps them on the table so you don’t have to worry about bumping them and spilling stones or granules everywhere😎