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Tungsten Solder Picks With Wood Handles

SKU 154.772
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$5.00 - $7.50
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Product Details

Superior Heat Resistance-Use with All Metals-Won't Contaminate Platinum

Superior heat resistance makes Tungsten an ideal metal to be used as a solder pick. Used for positioning solder while soldering.  Great for use with all metals but Tungsten picks are necessary for platinum work as it can withstand the higher temperatures platinum requires and it won't contaminate platinum like other solder picks will.  These wood handle tungsten soldering picks are available in 2 different thicknesses, regular thickness at 2.4mm diameter, and a thinner thickness at 1.3mm diameter.
Choose from 2 thicknesses:

  • 154.772 Regular 2.4mm
  • 154.775 Thin 1.3mm



Customer Reviews

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Very Good

I have 154.775. Its great because the tungsten pick is thicker an longer than most others I've used. There is enough material that I can grind a very sharp point, but the pick is still strong enough that is doesn't flex or bend even when hot.