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USED-LA PICKUP ONLY-Durston Power TUI C130 130mm Combo Rolling Mill 110V

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Aktueller Preis $2,405.00
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Product Details

This never been used but sold as USED Durston TUI C130 110Volt combination flat and wire single sided 130mm power rolling mill in 110V has been sitting in storage on Hill Street in Downtown Los Angeles, California since the end of 2019.  It is uncrated out of the box and by now most likely covered in a coating of dust and CANNOT BE SHIPPED. This mill must be picked up in Los Angeles by you. This mill is sold as USED and may have cosmetic damage and other signs of storage wear.  Pieces of equipment that sit uncovered for 3 years loose that brand new patina.  We guarantee the rolls to be in good condition but they may need some cleanup. We don't have an image of the mill in storage, only the image of the new machine. If you see it and don't want it we will refund your money less $100.00 for our friend's time and gas money. The mill will have the usual 12 month Durston factory warranty.

 The customer had ordered an all flat mill but we accidentally used the combination part number when we placed a special order with Durston and well, that's what they sent even though the order description was for an all flat mill.  Well who reads anymore. This was an ordering mistake by us plain and simple. The customer got a full refund including shipping and we had a friend of Otto Frei go pick it up for us.  And then we forgot about it.

This mill cannot be shipped.  This mill must be picked up in downtown Los Angeles.  In order to pick it up you must bring a furniture dolly and be able to move it yourself and load it yourself. That means you need to bring a friend to help you.  It weighs over 250 lbs.  The hard part about this is getting in your SUV, van or truck.  We would recommend you bring a ramp at the very least.

So please don't buy this rolling mill unless you can deal with picking it up yourself.  Once you purchase it we will schedule a pick up date and access to the downtown Los Angeles building on Hill Street where you can load it and take it away.

You will save $1000.00 on what is a brand new mill being sold as USED and a CLOSEOUT.

Here is some copy on the mill, our part number 128.141:

Durston has produced this lower cost power rolling mill by using less expensive components than used on the premium line of Durston power mills. Instead of a heavy cast iron base, this basic mill uses less expensive steel base. Additional savings are found by using an aluminum body gear box instead of the heavier duty steel cased unit. These two items are the biggest source of savings on the mill, as the TUI series uses the same quality rolls and steel gears as the more expensive versions, and also uses the exact same 1.1 Kw rated (1.5 HP) 110V motor. The TUI series also offers a fully array of safety features including an emergency stop button, safety bars at front and rear of roll access and guards covering the extension rollers at the end of the mill. This mill costs about 25% less than the premium Durston Single 130 mm Combo mill.

Key Features:
  • Steel Base
  • Aluminum Housed Gearbox
  • Metric and Inch Adjustable Flywheels
  • Side Extension Rolls with Protective Covers
  • Forward and Reverse
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Variable Speed
Aspect Specification
Motor 1.1Kw (1.5HP) 110V Motor
Roll Size 130 mm x 65 mm
Sheet Thickness Capacity 6 mm
Roller Type Combination
Roller Length 130mm
Roller Diameter 65 mm
Wire Grooves 11 square sizes range from 8 mm to 1 mm
Side Extensions Four Half-Rounds: 4, 3, 2 and 1.5 mm
Maximum Wire Capacity 8 mm
Dimensions 32-3/4" L x 15-3/8" W x 21-1/4" H (830mm x 390mm x 540mm)
Net Weight 243 Lbs. (110kg)

Finance a Durston Power Mill:

For outside financing please download and complete this form: Outside Leasing financing Application

For inside financing please call or email Wyatt Frei at 800-772-3456 x107 wyatt@OttoFrei.com

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